Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our trip to Disney part 1

Sorry I haven't posted in over a month. We were in Disney for 2 weeks and when we got back life just got crazy!! Brian and I are fighting a bad head cold and Maggie is getting a horrible stomach virus. But I think things are finally getting back to normal.

So here's a summary of our trip. We left Maine on Friday 11/5. We were going to drive through the night but Brian thought the girls might not be able to handle it so we left here around 10 a.m. and drove to Baltimore. The girls did really good! They were excited to get the hotel. We had bought them blow up beds to sleep in while on vacation. I blew them up and put their sheets blankets on them. But the girls decided they would rather sleep with me... So Brian camped out on the couch and me and the girls slept in the bed. Fun for me :)

The next morning we were up and on the road by 8 a.m. That day our goal was to get to Santee S.C. We did hit some traffic that morning but things went pretty smoothly that day too. The girls once again did great! Thank God for DVD players in the car! We got into Santee around 6:30. The girls were very happy to be out of the car!!

Final day, destination: DISNEY! We were up and on the road around 9. Our goal was to be in Disney around 3. We were really excited!! The girls (again) were really good! The loved going through tunnels, going under overpasses and going over bridges. It was really cute. We didn't hit any traffic that day and I think we pulled into the Boardwalk around 2:30. We got check in and got our luggage into our room. The girls keep asking where Mickey was? I think they thought the characters would be in the room when we got there!! We got settled in a little and then headed out for a walk around the resort and grab some dinner. We decided to eat at the Big River Grille which is right on the Boardwalk. The food is really good there and your don't need a reservation either. Which is nice. I couldn't believe we were there. We have been planning this trip for over a year. And the girls were so excited! We headed back to the room, the girls got a bath in the whirlpool tub and then it was time for bed.

On our first day at Disney we went to the Magic Kingdom. The girls were pretty excited when they saw Cinderella's Castle. It is quite beautiful... We headed over to the Buzz Lightyear ride (which I don't think they were impressed with) and then went to Fantasyland. We rode Dumbo (which they LOVED), the Snow White ride (which we had to make not so scary), It's a Small World (now they can sing the song, the carousel (which they also LOVED) and we saw Mickey's Phillermagic (they could of cared less about that). Then we headed over to Adventureland to ride Aladin's magic carpets (another big hit) and Pirates (which Charlotte wasn't a big fan of). After doing all of that the girls were a little tired so we headed back to the room. We went swimming. They LOVED that! The Boardwalk has a great kiddie area. A pool with an elephant and then a playground right behind the pool. They could run back and fourth between the two. That night we had reservations at O'Hana. We love that place. We kind of ate fast that night cause the girls were a little restless. So we headed back to the room to just chill.

Well I have to go feed the monkeys. I will post more I promise :)

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Annie said...

So glad all of you had a great trip and had lots of fun on Disney.

Can't wait to see more pictures.

PS: I would like to know more about the hotel on Disney.