Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We are all booked!!

I booked out Disney trip yesterday! We are going in September again. We usually like going in October but our passes are only good through Sept 22nd. We are really excited. We are staying at the Boardwalk again but this time we are getting a 2 bedroom suite. So my mom can have her own space. We are so spoiled. I really can't wait. It's been a really crappy winter here in Maine... I am really hoping my friend Beth and her family will be going at the same time. We have talked about it so we'll see!

So the house hunting has been really frustrating. We were going to put a bid on a house but the real estate agent didn't tell us everything about the house. We didn't know if the heating system worked or if there were any broken pipes! And the house was on a slab... So we didn't do it. Very disappointing... We are still looking but we aren't having much luck...

I am trying to think of what's new with the girls... Not much. Maggie is cutting another tooth. This will be #11 for her. Charlotte still has only 6... Maggie is obsessed with piggy toes. It's so cute to hear her say it too! They are really starting to understand what I am saying to them. I know that might sound strange. But I will say to them, "let's go upstairs" and they go to the stairs. When I ask them if they are hungry they go to their chairs. It's really fun to see them learn new things.

As promised here are some new pictures of them... Enjoy:)

Friday, February 6, 2009

My thoughts about the Octuplets

So I have been stewing about this story since it happened. I still can't believe a doctor would be so irresponsible. And I can't believe the mother who could jeopardize her health (knowing she had 6 kids already) and the health of her babies would be so irresponsible. I have never heard of a doctor transferring 6 embryos. Even with advanced maternal age I have never heard of that. When we were going through our treatments the most they would transfer was 2. End of story. The only way they would do 3 was if I was over the age of 35. Which I wasn't... This woman is my age. Can you imagine? She's in her mid 30's and has 14 kids! And is a single parent! I would never want to deny anyone the chance to be a mother. I understand that longing. But these doctors didn't look at the big picture. Supposedly she wanted a big family cause she was an only child. Well isn't 6 kids big enough? And what if she would of gone into pre-term labor? What if there was a complication with the delivery and she died? This stuff happens everyday. Does she even think about her other children? Selfish... I pray that she gets nothing. I know that sounds awful but I can't help it. This was her decision. When she decided to transfer that many embryos... But you know someone will pay her for her story. I did watch her interview on the Today show this morning. She not firing on all cylinders... Nothing she said made sense. She lives with her parents, isn't working and now has 14 kids. She said she plans on going back to college in the fall. I wonder how she will do that? I only have 2 and I can't imagine doing that! Plus who will pay for it? Who will watch the kids? Oh her family, friends and church. She is counting on a lot of people to take care of these kids she CHOSE to have. She CHOSE this by transferring 6. She CHOSE this by doing another IVF cycle when she already had 6 kids at home. Why should anyone else have to pick up the slack for what she CHOSE??

I try to keep this blog mostly about the babies. But this is one story that really upsets me. Now I am afraid to tell people (who don't know) that we did IVF. Cause I am sure in the back of their minds they will think of the women. She is not the face of IVF. She hasn't even said why she had to do IVF in the first place. They said something about a spinal injury she got while working... That makes no sense to me. If you have a spinal injury then wouldn't carrying 8 babies only make it worse? And who is paying the hospital bills? Probably us... Our tax money...

Ok I am going to let it go... Hopefully I haven't offended anyone by what I said but it's how I feel... I will put some new pictures up in the next couple of days.