Saturday, December 4, 2010

Disney Part 3

Day 4 we headed to EPCOT. One of the perks of staying at the Boardwalk is being able to walk to EPCOT. We enter the park between England and France in the World Showcase. It was great cause that part of the park wasn't open yet so we could let the girls walk. They loved that!! Once in Future World we went and saw Figment. Maggie seemed to like that ride but Charlotte didn't care for it. Any ride that had periods of darkness Charlotte didn't care for. She doesn't cry but she wants to be held. When you get off that ride it dumps you in this play area that they really liked. It's hard to explain what it's like. It's really fun for little ones though. Then we headed over the the Living Seas with Nemo. There is a cute Nemo ride that they seemed to like. But they enjoyed looking at the fish more then the ride. Once the World Showcase opened we headed over to Mexico to do the ride there. It's a boat ride inside the temple. It features Donald Duck and the 3 amigos. It's cute. After that we headed to Norway to ride that boat ride. Maggie had been asking us if she was going to see polar bears in Disney. We always said no cause it's too warm in Florida. Then we remembered the polar bears in the Norway ride. We were kind of excited for her to see them. We rode the ride and pointed them out to her. She didn't seem too impressed. We went about our day and asked her if she wanted to see the polar bears again. She told us they were sleeping. I think they scared her. Every time we asked her if she wanted to see the polar bears that was her response... they were sleeping! We ate lunch and then headed back to the resort. That night we ate in Germany. It's one of our favorites. It's a buffet with different kinds of German dishes. Brian loves it cause they have a lot of different sausages there. Plus he loves their beer ;)

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