Wednesday, April 6, 2011


We found out today that the girls names were picked in the public school pre-k program. We are beyond excited! I have been looking into preschools in our area and we would've had to pay between $90-$200 a week. Depends on if the school offered a multiple child discount or not. So needless to say we are pretty pleased we got into the public system.

I still can't believe my babies are old enough for school. Where did my little babies go? I know they are going to love school. They will make friends, learn new things, do arts and crafts. It's going to be great. And it's going to be for me. The thought of having some free time is awesome! I can clean without having them following behind me undoing whatever it is that I am doing. I can go grocery shopping alone which will be easier. And my house just might be clean. For more than one day!!

I keep talking to the girls about going to school. Charlotte seems very excited. Maggie... not so much. She keeps telling me she needs to stay home with me. Maggie is a mama's girl. She hardly leaves my side. I have a feeling I will be that parent who has to stay in the back of the classroom for the first few days... But she needs to get away from me.

Times are a changing. The girls are getting older. I feel like we just brought them home. Now they are going to preschool. Before I know it they will be graduating from high school.

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