Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas time is here!

I am really excited about Christmas. The girls seem to really "get" Santa and they know he's bringing presents. If you ask Maggie what Santa is bringing her she will tell you, "Bullseye". And if you ask Charlotte she will say, "talking Jessie". Let me tell you a story...

Maggie has been saying Santa was going to bring her Bullseye for quite some time now. I had seen him at Kmart but wanted to wait till Black Friday in case there was a deal. Well we went to Kmart on BF but NO Bullseye. So I checked Walmart. Nothing. Toys R Us. Nothing. Target. Nothing. NO ONE HAD BULLSEYE!! I started to panic a little. But I figured maybe we could get him on Amazon. Well we could of... FOR $100!! It makes me really mad that there are people out there that buy up these toys and then sell them for a lot of money! Well I went on Kmart's website to try and find him. I figured it would be worth having to drive and get him. We found one! At the store in Saugus MA. Which is right up the street from my aunt Pammy's house! And my mom just happen to be visiting Pammy!! So I called them up and they agreed to go get him for us! They had 1 left!! I am telling you... It's a Christmas miracle! I can't wait to see the look on Maggie's face when she opens him. Of coarse I had no problems finding a talking Jessie for Charlotte.

We put our tree up the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Brian found this really nice local tree farm so we packed everyone up and went out looking for the perfect tree. It was really cold that day... But the girls seemed to love it!! They had a horse there and they loved talking to him. Then Gree (my mom) came over and helped decorate it. Lots of fun.

My friend Heather came over the next weekend and took some pictures for me. She just bought a really nice camera so she agreed to take some Christmas pictures for me. They came out so good!!

This past weekend we got together with my dad and did the tree with them. Then my step siblings and their families came to my dads for a big gathering. We had a blast!! The kids had such a good time. And so did we!

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Annie said...

Awww, is a beautiful tree and huge.

Beautiful pictures.