Saturday, August 23, 2008

So, have you given up on me??

I am sooo bad... Everyday I think to myself, "I am going to post on my blog"... And before I know it I am asleep on the couch!! Not to mention that for 2 weeks we were all fighting a cold.. Summertime colds stink! So let me think about what's going on...

We have started giving the girls more solid foods. They have tried mashed potatoes, toast, watermelon, cheese doodles, bagels and today we are going to try grilled cheese! It will really great if they are eating more "big people" food for when we are in Disney!! Which is in 4 weeks:) So now I really want to get them using sippy cups. I have tried a few times but they aren't interested...

Charlotte took 3 steps the other day!! She was so proud of herself!! I am trying to get them clapping but they get so excited doing it they usually just slap their legs. No new teeth for Charlotte but Maggie has 6 now! I LOVE it when she smiles and I see her teeth. Too cute... Charlotte says Mama, baba, and lala. It's so cute. Maggie just babbles. I swear she loves to hear herself yell... She loves to stand in her crib and look out the window. I think she will love being front facing in the car. Which we will be able to do for the trip to Disney!!

So I have mentioned it already but we are totally excited for Disney!! It's all I can think about... It's all my mom and I talk about!! We leave 4 weeks from yesterday. Should be interesting driving 24 hours with 2 one year olds... But we have a plan. Then we are there for 11 days!! And staying at the Boardwalk!! I don't think we have ever been this excited!! Well maybe for our honeymoon. But Brian and I have always wanted to stay at the Boardwalk... I just hope the girls like it. That they don't freak out!!

It's been kind of a crappy summer... The weather hasn't been all that great. Although today is going to be beautiful!! The month of July was a wash out. That's one of the downsides of living in NE. The summers are never long enough and sometimes the weather isn't that great. Maybe it's time for a move??

Well I can't think of much more too say... Life is just busy and crazy... Life with 2 11 month olds is busy. They are always moving and getting into things... Here are some pictures from the past few weeks. I am going to try and post more... But we'll see. I am sure once they start walking I will even busier!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hello there!!

Sorry it's been sooo long since I have posted!! The girls are keeping so busy! I never have time on the computer anymore... It seems like my day never ends... So let me think about everything that has happened since I last posted... The girls are EVERYWHERE!! They crawl all over the place! And they pull themselves up on anything and everything!! They walk along the couch, coffee table and their activity tables. I think any day now Charlotte will walk. She lets go for a few seconds every once in a while. We were suppose to go to the Dr's a couple weeks ago for their 9 month check up... But there was a tornado watch in our county so I decided to cancel the appt. Luckily all we got was some pretty heavy rain... So I am not sure how they weigh right now. If I had to guess I would say Charlotte is about 20 pounds and Maggie is about 17-18. I gotta tell you... We have a new nickname for Maggie... Poopenstein!! She poops A LOT!! They both say mama but it's mostly when they are upset or crying of coarse. They LOVE to go swimming!! They have been in auntie Tammy, aunt Debbie and Paula's pool and they loved it!! Which is good cause I am sure we will do a lot of swimming in Florida!! We leave for Disney 6 weeks from Friday!! I can't wait!! I can't believe the girls will be 1 next month... It doesn't seem possible!
Thank you to all who left a comment with my last post:) I feel bad that I haven't been able to get over to your blogs and leave comments... I promise to be better about it!! I hope everyone is well and is having a great summer:)