Friday, February 29, 2008

Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to Saco we go!!

We finally made it to Saco to visit Little Grammy and great Grandpa!! I think Grandpa has fallen head over heels for his great granddaughters... Charlotte was her usual self, laughing and smiling... And Maggie was checking the place out... I feel bad cause the only pictures I took are of Maggie... Next time we will get both of them! Now we are just preparing for the next big storm!! Tonight I will dream about walking around Epcot sipping some Rosa Regale (not sure if that's how you spell it). September can't come soon enough...

First Fruits!!

Yesterday the girls had fruit for the first time!! My little monkeys had bananas for the first time and as you can see by their faces they are not too impressed... I am really excited that they are starting to eat food!! I can't wait for the day when they eat 3 meals a day and elimate some of the bottle feedings...

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Ok now that I think I have this down let the posts begin!! So the girls went to the Dr's on Monday. And they are doing great!! Charlotte, who weighed 4lbs9oz at birth, is now weighing in at 13lbs6oz!! She is 25 inches long... Maggie, who weighed 4lbs2oz at birth, is now weighing in at 12lbs9oz. She is 24 inches long... I can't believe how big they are getting! The Dr told us we can start having fruit so we doing that today!! Maggie does really good with rice cereal but Charlotte isn't too impressed with it... They really make me laugh! Charlotte does this scream, laugh sound that gets me all the time. And Maggie, who is just like dad, is so chill... Although she does have a fiesty side. They both smile all the time!! And the drool... If I didn't know any better I would say they might get teeth soon... I am totally and completely in love! They are growing and chaging so much. Somedays I just look at them and can't believe they are mine...

Ok here we go!!

This is my first entry so hopefully it works!! First I will start by telling a little bit about myself... My name is Debbie and I have been married to my wonderful husband Brian for 8 years. Shortly after we got married we started trying to get pregnant. Finally after 3 years we decided to talk to the Dr... She suggested we start with IUI's and see what happens. Well after 6 rounds of that nothing happened so she recommended we see a RE. We met with Dr Hartog and she thought we should move to IVF. I was really scared at first... All those needles... But we were filled with so much hope that it didn't matter... So we did our first cycle in October of 2003. But we had no luck... Then we tried again in March of 04 with no luck. I needed a break... I felt like I was losing myself in my infertility. So we waited about a year and decided to try again. We did another cylce in July 05. This time it worked!! We were beyond happy!! 6 weeks into the pregnancy we found out we were expecting twins!! We were nervous but very happy. My pregnancy was pretty uneventful. A lot of morning sickness but nothing to major... Then on December 28th my world came crashing down... My water broke. I was only 23 1/2 weeks along. I knew this wasn't good... We got to the hospital and I was already 3 cent. dialated... They put me on magnesuim to stop labor and seemed to be working. But the next day I delivered my son, Brian William III, at 8:15 am. He weighed 1lbs7oz. Sooo tiny. They didn't think he would even survive the birth but he did... Our little guy lived for 14 hours... They knew at this point that I had an infection that had gone into his placenta and that's why my water had broke... So now the focus was on our daughter. Trying to keep her in for as long as we could. So all we could do was wait. Sadly though on December 31 I went into labor. Lillian Ruth was born at 12:39 am on January 1st 2006. She was the New Year's baby for the state of Maine. We thought she was going to be our miracle. And she fought soo hard but just couldn't fight anymore... She passed away the following day... Needless to say we were heart broken. But I drew strength from Brian. He was my rock. He took such good care of me! We took the time we needed to grieve and then decided to try again. We did another cycle in August of 06 but it didn't work. I was pretty down after that but knew we had to try one more time. So we tried again in Feb 07. Our little angels must have known we were ready cause it worked!! I was pregnant again! This time we were even more scared... At 6 weeks we found out we were expecting twins again. I was thrilled but sooo nervous. Luckily Dr Hartog referred us to the best Dr. I thank my stars everyday for Dr Pinnette. At 12 wks I had a cerclage placed on my cervix to keep it shut. At 18 wks we found out that we were going to have 2 girls!! Again it was a pretty uneventful pregnancy... Lots of morning sickness and heartburn! In August I had the BEST baby shower ever! My mom and Margo did an amazing job! It was the best feeling to be celebrating my babies!! Finally on September 30,2007 I became a mom to earth angels, Charlotte Lorraine and Margaret Theresa. It was by far the happiest day of my life. I miss and think about Brian and Lillian everyday. And I know they are looking down on us smiling!!