Friday, December 10, 2010

Another Disney post :)

So are you sick of reading about our Disney trip? I am thinking this will probably be the last one. We really had an amazing vacation. I feel very lucky that we have been able to go to Disney so many times. And now we are sharing Disney with our children.

While we were there they were starting to decorate for Christmas. Disney at Christmas time is something to see. One of the displays that is a must see is the Osbourne lights at Hollywood Studios. It is amazing!! There are millions (and I mean millions) of lights set up on the backlot and the Streets of America (I think that's what it's called). They play holiday music, make it snow and serve drinks and cookies. At certain times the display dances with the music. It's so awesome!! The girls LOVED it! We saw the display 4 times while we were there!!

I love the way Maggie is looking at Brian in this picture!

The girls and auntie Theresa watching the dancing lights!

And here are some pictures of the Christmas trees. Except the Magic Kingdom's tree. For some reason that one wasn't up yet!!


Animal Kingdom

Hollywood Studios


Jennifer said...

How cool!!!

Annie said...

I love all things about Disney.

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p.s: I LOVE the pictures of all the different christmas trees at got me even more in the Christmas mood! :)