Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Is it summer yet?

It is snowing. And we are getting another storm on Friday. This only makes my winter time depression even worse. I feel bad cause the snow is so deep now that it's not fun to play outside. The girls can barely walk in the snow because it's so deep. Have I mentioned that I hate the winter? I really wish we could move south... Here's some pictures of the girls painting today.

And the Patiots blowing it on Sunday hasn't helped matters either. For the time being I am a Steelers fan. Which I am sure makes my friend Beth happy :) I hope the Steelers bury the Jets!!

So now I am going to go dream about summer. And the swimming pool we are going to put up. And I might dream a little about Disney too!!


Anonymous said...

You should shovel them a little spot that they can play in.


Annie said...

So sorry, they can enjoy the snow.

Their paints are cute.

Go, dream about summer and Disney.