Friday, June 20, 2008

What is that strange sound?

I have uploaded some Wiggley tunes as we like to call them... This is what I listen to day in and day out. These songs haunt my dreams... And this is just a small sample. We watch the show (have 25 episodes on our DVR), we listen to their cd's while we are playing and we listen to them in the car too... But I have to say they LOVE them. When Capt Feathersword (why a feathersword? it's for tickling of coarse) comes on Charlotte smiles from ear to ear. And Maggie loves Dorothy the Dinasor. So when ppl ask me what I listen to for music. This is my answer... The Wiggles!!


Anonymous said...

I remember when all my sister's nieces listened to was Barney. It takes a long time before you get that voice out of your head.


Anonymous said...

Hi Deb,
I can remember when Austin went through a phase where all we could watch and listen to was Dora & Diego. I think I still know all the songs word for word and yes, it even invades my sleep! :) I completely understand where you are coming be told I guess that The Wiggles or Dora & Diego are tolerable for a few years anyhow...LOL..Glad to hear all is going well for all of you.