Monday, June 23, 2008


So yesterday was baby Bert's first birthday!! I can't believe he's one... We headed down to Auntie Tammy's for the party!! The girls had a bit of a hard time when we first got there... But they settled down and had fun!! It's too bad the weather wouldn't of been a little nicer so we could of gone swimming. It's was humid but about an hour after we got there we got a thunderstorm... Oh well. It was really great seeing everyone. Plus there was lots of good food there! Mainly 2 of my favs, Aunt Cindy's fried chicken and Tammy made mac and cheese!! YUMMY!! And Maggie got her first taste of frosting. Brian was holding her and she decided she needed to stick her foot in the cake... So when were driving home she was really sucking on her toes. I could smell the frosting on them!! She's crazy...
Well we find out tomorrow if Holly's little bean is a girl or boy. But we all have a feeling it's a girl. We really just want mom and baby to be healthy. She told me that next weekend they are going to paint and carpet their new house!! So I am hoping to stop by and check it out! They are going to be so close to us!! I can't wait to hang out with her and the kiddos!!
Here are some pictures from the past couple of days. I have some cute pix of Maggie with her first purse!! Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Nice pictures it was fun seeing everyone. I really thought I got most of the frosting off Maggie's toes. Guess not.