Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We are still around!

Sorry it's been so long since the last time I posted. It's been really crazy around here. The girls were sick for about 3 weeks. Before we went to NJ they had colds, then they got the stomach bug and then Charlotte had a head cold. It was a long couple of weeks. But we are all better now. Now we are just trying to stay warm. It's been really cold here for the last week. And I am looking out the window at the snow falling...

So let me think about what the girls have been up to... We went to the Dr's last week and here are the stats: Charlotte: 20lbs8oz (20%) she is 32 inches (90%) Maggie: 19lbs10oz (10%) she is 30 1/2 inches (50%) Charlotte only gained about a pound since October but Maggie... She's gained like 3!! Little piggy:) I love it though... She has this little belly. You ask her were her belly is and she lifts her shirt and rubs it. It's really cute. She is really talking about a storm. Of coarse we know what she is saying... You may not. She says mama, papa, baby, tigger, piggy toes, minnie mouse, tweet tweet, ho ho ho, meow, moo, baa and a bunch of other stuff. It's really cute. Charlotte isn't as talkative... She says mama, papa, woof, what's that?, and a few other words. Maggie is better at trying to repeat what you say. Charlotte not so much. They are really fun to watch. Just watching them play makes me laugh. They love to feed themselves. They really don't like me to feed them. So feeding time tends to be really messy.

We have been looking for a new house. We spent the past weekend looking at houses. We had put a bid in on another house but it fell through... The places we looked at this weekend were pretty bad... Most of them needed way too much work. But we are looking at one tomorrow that looks really awesome. It's in the country but we would have 3 acres of land. That would be so great for the girls. We could put up a pool and get them a nice swing set.. So cross your fingers for us:) Well I hope everyone is surviving the winter. I know I am ready for summer. We were suppose to go to Disney in May but we aren't now. We would rather have the money to buy new furniture... We are still going in September though... Here are some pictures. It's getting harder to get them to sit still for me to take pictures. Usually when they see the camera they run!!


tbonegrl said...

I feel like we are on the same wavelength! David just left to send our acceptance of a counter on a house we have been bidding on...and we should be in contract tomorrow!

Sorry everyone's been sick...we're dealing with bouts of it here too.

Anonymous said...

love the new pictures, especially Charlotte in the pig tails and Maggie with the hat (she is following in her Godmother's path). Glad the girls are feeling better it was fun seeing you guys last Sunday. Good Luck with the house tomorrow.


Annie said...

Thank God everyone feel better. That's great a new house, definitely when we have kids we need a lot of space. I hope you find a great offer.

Thank you for visit my blog and for your friendship.

Sarah in MN said...

I absolutely love the picture of Maggie with her babies and the one of Charlotte in pony tails! So adorable. They are getting so big Debbie!
Sounds like you're doing well and just carrying on with life, as usual. Good luck with the house hunting! More space is always necessary isn't it? And I know it would be great to have a nice big play space for the kids! Hope you guys find what you're looking for!
Love you all,

Leslie said...

Good luck with the house! I'm sure you will find the right one!