Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas 2008

Sorry for posting this so late. I have a few reasons for that. #1 I haven't been on the computer that much lately. With the holidays and Brian being on vacation I just didn't have time. #2 I wanted to do the post for Brian and Lillian and have it be about them for a couple of days. Although I know I said something about the girls in one of the posts... #3 I was reading the book Twilight and couldn't put it down. It was really good! I am hoping to go out and the next book today. I have to admit it felt good not being in front of the computer. I spend way too much time on this thing. It is my connection to the outside world but I feel like the girls are suffering cause I am here too much, my house is suffering, and I think it's hurting me too... So don't be surprised if I only post once or twice a week. I think I just need a break... But onto Christmas!!

We had so much fun! We had our usual Christmas Eve gathering here. Which was so nice. It was great seeing everyone! And we had a special guest... SANTA!! Charlotte did ok with him but Maggie didn't want anything to do with him... And neither did Bert!! They were all so cute! Everyone left here by 9:30. Then I had to wrap. I will never do that again!! The girls went right to sleep. I think they were wiped out from running around with Bert. They woke up the next morning around 6:30. You all know they love the Wiggles. Well we bought them these stuffed animal thingys of Capt Feathersword, Wags the Dog, Dorothy the Dinosaur and Henry the Octopus. I didn't wrap them. I just set them out in front of the tree. They went crazy!! They walked over to them and just laughed! It was so cute! They got sooo much! It looks like Toys R Us exploded in my house! Biggest hits from Christmas: The Wiggles dolls, the twin baby dolls my mother bought them, these little Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck wind up cars and the million Little People we bought them. I haven't opened the ball pit I bought them cause it needs to be blown up and I don't have a pump yet... And thanks to auntie Theresa the girls got their first American Girl dolls. She bought them each a bity baby. They are so cute. But the girls can't play with them yet... It really was a fun Christmas. They were excited with all the new stuff they got. Makes me really excited for next Christmas.

New Year's was pretty boring... I was asleep by 9:30. I am such a old fart... Oh well. Then the girls were sick. Then Brian was sick. Fun for the whole family right?

So here are some pictures from Christmas. Happy New Year to all my loyal readers!!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE their Christmas dresses! So pretty!

Heather G

Anonymous said...

Hope everyone is feeling better. I can't wait until they are old enough to play with the American dolls.


Sarah in MN said...

Happy 2009 to all of you! I absolutely adore the Christmas pictures of the girls! Looks like you guys had a great holiday. I hope everyone's feeling better and hopefully you don't come down with what the family had. I'll talk to you soon!
Love ya, Sarah

Annie said...

They are a precious princesses. SO cute.