Friday, October 17, 2008


Well the girls went to the Drs today. We haven't been since they were a little over 6 months old... So here are the stats:
Charlotte: weight: 19lbs9oz height: 27 1/2 inches
Maggie: weight: 15lbs13oz height: 27 inches

Maggie is my little peanut. I can't believe Charlotte is 4 pounds heavier then her! The Dr wasn't concerned though... He said as long as she tripled her birth weight (which she has) he wasn't worried. It's just going to be tricky cause Maggie is wearing 9 month clothes and Charlotte is in 12 month! The days of them sharing clothes might be over... We are going to start them on milk too... And he said I really need to start getting them using sippy cups... I just haven't found ones they like! So moms reading this, please recommend your sippy cups! Charlotte is walking up a storm! I am hoping Maggie will watch her and want to be like her sister! I bought her a baby stroller for her birthday so she can push her stuffed animals around in it. We will see how that goes...

We are having their birthday party tomorrow. Little late but better late then never right? Can't wait to see what they think of cake. We had a cake for them in Disney but they weren't all that interested... They love to rip paper so opening gifts should be fun!! And on that note I should get off the computer and clean my house! My head is still in Disney... I need to get back to reality!!

Maggie on her birthday in Disney

Charlotte on her birthday in Disney

Their Mickey cake!!


Anonymous said...

My daughter likes the nuby and the first years brand. It's more like a bottle but it's a start!

Harris Boys said...

I can't really see the diff in weight...I'm sure I could if I picked them up. I wouldn't worry..just stinks that they'll be in diff. size clothing.

my boys loved the nuby sippy cups..has a soft nipple like spout. they also now drink from the playtex sipsters...they are the best and do not leak at all. good luck with the took us awhile to get the boys off bottles (18 m/o to be exact)

Anonymous said...

Try the born free sippy's for 6+ months and the born free 9+ months. The spouts are soft. Nolan really took to them. Good luck.