Friday, October 24, 2008

Pictures from the party...

So Denise took over 100 pictures!! Crazy right?? I can't thank her enough though... It was so crazy here there was no way I could of taken pictures that day!! So I went through and grab some of my favs! Of coarse I forgot to have her take one of all of us... Oh well!!

Oh and one more thing... I want to say congrats to Kathy over at busted babymaker. She just found out she is pregnant!! I am so happy for her. She lost her twins, Noah and Talia, in March. She was the same gestation I was when I lost Brian and Lillian. So here's to healthy and happy nine months!!

Maggie and Grammy

I love the way Charlotte is looking at Brian

Me, Michelle and Nichole... My oldest and dearest friends:)

Princess cake for my little pricess'


The Wilsons said...

So cute! Looks like a great time! Love the cake! Happy belated anniversary too! It was ours yesterday too!

rachael said...

so cute!

Anonymous said...

That's my mom...we call her the picture-holic. Great party, great pics, and even better - two GREAT little girls!!!

Lots of love...'Chelle

Annie said...

Definitely, the girls enjoyed the party and that's the most importante thing.

Love the pictures.

Nice weekend

Anonymous said...

I had a great time at the party. The girls are gettin so big.