Thursday, September 18, 2008

We leave tomorrow!!

I can't believe our trip is finally here!! We leave tomorrow morning! We are hoping to be out the door by 7:30... We are stopping in Baltimore for the night, then onto Santee SC, then to Disney!! We should be there early Sunday afternoon. You should see all the clothes I have for the girls... It's really sick! We have sooo much stuff to pack in our van. Yup you read that right: OUR VAN!! We finally bought a minivan. It's a Kia Sedona. I LOVE it!! I am very thankful that Brian's dad let us use his car but I am 33... I shouldn't be driving a Lincoln already:) So we are packing up the van tonight and head out tomorrow!! I plan on updating while we are there... We are bringing the laptop... So wish us luck:)

Oh and I wanted to wish my friend Beth's little girl Sarah a Happy belated Birthday! She turned 1 yesterday!! So Happy Birthday Sarah! I hope you have a great party on Saturday! Wish we all could be there to help you celebrate!!


Harris Boys said...

omg, have a GREAT time...can't wait to see some pics from DW!!

Amber and Matt said...

Have a blast at Disney...I am so Jealous!!

Annie said...

Enjoy your first trip as a family. I'm anxious to see the pictures.


Anonymous said...

I hope you all make it safely. Have a great time, and wish the girls a Happy 1st Birthday from Heather G!

Anonymous said...

Wow if only I could be in Disney with you. I can't wait to hear all the stories, especially on how the girls handled the long drive.