Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Busy weekend..

We had a great Labor Day weekend!! I was nice having Papa around for 3 days:) And the weather here was perfect! Nice "end" to the summer. Although this week is going to wicked nice! I feel bad that the kids are back in school... So here's a little recap of events...

Saturday was kind of low key. One exciting thing... We bought the girls their new car seats!! We are going to put them front facing for the big trip! They will be just shy of their 1st birthday so I think it will be ok. It just blows my mind that they are growing out of their infant seats... We had to stuff them in the seats with cloth diapers the day we brought them home! Now they are going into their big girl seats!

Sunday we went to my cousins house to celebrate my aunt Debbie's 60th birthday. We had a blast! And the girls were sooo good! They love being outside. It was really awesome seeing everyone!

And finally Sunday we went to Pam's house for a BBQ. Auntie Tammy, Bella, Uncle Dave, Robbie and cousin Bert all were there! Oh and grandpa too! We brought the kiddie pool with us so the kids could splash around! It was really fun!

Well that's about it. Nothing too exciting! We are just getting ready for our trip. I swear it's all I can think about:) It's hard to believe that the girls will be 1 at the end of the month. I didn't think we were going to survive the first year. But here we are... They make us laugh everyday. Their little personalities are really starting to shine through. They are so sweet and funny! Here are some gems from the past couple days!! Enjoy:)


Sarah March said...

Maggie and Charlotte are getting so big. And they look so happy. Little camera hams aren't they? LOL
They sure have lost that "baby look". Now they look like "big girls"! I'm still so happy for you guys Debbie. Watching your girls grow up via your blog is fun. Although I really wish that it were face to face instead...:( Such is life though. Just gonna have to keep checking back here and looking at their adorable pictures on my computer screen.
Love you guys,

Pink-CJ said...

Such cute girls! :)

Anonymous said...


Big Girl Car Seats...wow. I can just picture all of you driving to Disney. You need to post a generations picture from both sides of the family.


The Mommy said...

I'm not sure how I found your blog, but when I saw a Disney-lover like us who would be traveling with 2 (!) one-year-old girls, I wanted to drop a suggestion. There's a barber shop on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom that does first haircuts (they do regular haircuts, too) and it's the best deal going at WDW. For around $15-18, you get the haircut, a certificate, and mouse ears that say, "First Haircut" (theirs will be pink). It is soooo worth it, even if you get just a couple of locks trimmed (which they save for you in tissue paper with 'pixie dust'). We are like you in that we've been to WDW together twice before babies and now three times since. Every time we get pregnant again, we start planning for their first haircut! It's a wonderful experience that you won't regret.
One more suggestion - make use of the baby stations at each park. You have use of a kitchen with microwaves, cushioned changing tables, rocking chairs, etc. And, as always, there's a kind cast member willing to help. It's worth the treck across the park(s) to get to it. Each park has one and they're all nice.