Tuesday, February 7, 2012

They are FINALLY in big girl beds!!

Was I the only mom with 4 year olds still in cribs? We have been talking about moving the girls out of their cribs for a year now. They have been able to climb out of them for a long time. They never did it at night though... Well except Maggie. Because little miss Maggie still comes in our room at night. We bought them blow up beds a couple years ago for when we go on vacation. I got the bright idea to have one set up for her in our room. Instead of her kicking hubby out of bed... It works out fine. She comes in and gets right in her bed. We call it her "little bed".

We finally bit the bullet this past weekend. We ended up buying bunk bed instead of using the conversion kit that came with their cribs. The room they are in is on the small side (our whole house is on the small side). I have to admit, I'm not crazy about the idea of bunk beds. Mostly cause I can't really reach Charlotte (she is on the top bunk). I have to buy a step stool to keep in their room. But on the other hand the bunk beds fit so well in that room that I like them at the same time. Charlotte and Maggie LOVE them! The first night Charlotte kept saying "I'm climbing the bean stalk"!!

Now that the cribs are gone there is nothing in the house that screams "baby". No more bottles. Or diapers. Or pull ups. Or cribs... It make me sad. My little babies are babies anymore. They are big girls. Although they will always be my babies <3

ps... I took some other pictures of their beds but my camera kept giving me an error message. I have to send it in to be repaired :(


Annie said...

I like their beds.

My girls are in toddler beds and we are planning to buy new beds soon. Let's see if before the year ends we made the change.

Can't wait to see pictures of the room.

Jennifer said...

First: I lost my entire old blog roll, so I'm so happy you left me a comment!

Second: OMG your girls look so big!

Third: I'm jealous you got to 4 with your cribs

Fourth: We're switching to bunk beds here soon. I hope it works out just as well with us!