Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Did I tell you about the time the girls cut their hair??

You read that right. The girls cut their hair.

The other day Brian and I were downstairs catching up on some of our shows and the girls were up in their room playing. Or so we thought... We looked at each other and said, "it's way too quiet up there". So I went to investigate. I just about fell over when I saw Charlotte sitting on top of the changing table (which I use for storage in our bathroom since I don't have a linen closet) scissors in hand, cutting her hair. I just about died... Charlotte's hair was all over the floor and Maggie's was in the trash can.

Here's all the hair in the trash can:

I should note that the scissors were well hidden. I have a small plastic tote thingy with all their hair bows/headbands/barrettes in it. The scissors were on the bottom of that. On top of the changing table. Out of reach. Unless Charlotte climbs on it... I immediately moved the tote and the scissors to another spot.

We were lucky. The damage was not that bad. I took them to Walmart to get a hair cut. The hairdresser could blend the hair they cut on the sides and we had to take a little bit of length off the back. Maggie was so worried we would have to cut her princess hair.

Lesson learned? If it's too quiet they are probably doing something they shouldn't be doing. And always keep scissors out of reach!!

Finished product:


Annie said...


They look so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Rite of passage. Just remember its hair and it will grow back.

Auntie Theresa