Friday, May 23, 2008

We are in teething hell!!

As many of you know the girls have been STTN (sleeping through the night) now since about Thanksgiving... Well last night they were up from 10 till about 2:30ish... Not both at the same time... No no no... They took turns tormenting me. It started with Charlotte. So I held her and rocked her back to sleep... Then it was Maggie's turn. But she wouldn't go back in her crib... So I put her in bed with me. I know that wasn't going to work for me. Well by putting in her crib and having her cry she woke her sister up! So basically I would get one to sleep and then the other would wake up... Finally about 2:30 they both were asleep again. And wouldn't you know it, they both woke up at 5:30! I thought maybe they would sleep in a little... WRONG!!! So I thought well they will take one hell of a morning nap... WRONG again! I just fed them and they are both asleep. Maggie's tooth is taking it's time coming up. And I can feel a little bump on Charlotte's gum... I just gave them both a dose of ibuprofen hoping that would help... And poor Maggie's nose is running like a river!! So that's what's happening at the Souza house... If they don't sleep tonight you might be visiting me at the psych ward tomorrow... So if there are any moms out there reading this and you have some good advice for me please leave me a comment... I am thinking about just putting some Jack Daniels in their bottles tonight;)

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Collins Family said...

I feel your pain, we also slept through the night from 7 weeks old until 7 months old. Isabelle cut her 1st tooth on her 7 month birthday and we have not slept well since. I have tried it all...putting her in bed with us, letting her cry, Tylenol, etc etc etc. I will tell you teething tabs helped and we still use those when she is cutting teeth. I feel for you because you have teething hell x2. Just know you are not alone at all, it has to get better right????? :)