Monday, March 31, 2008

Can you believe it's been 6 months??

I really should of posted this yesterday... But this weekend was a bit rough... Maggie is teething and she was miserable. I felt really bad... She's doing better today but I wish the tooth would just break through already!! So anywho... Can you believe our little girls are 6 months old? It doesn't seem possible! Brian and I were talking last night about how amazing it is to watch your children grow and learn. How they are learning to roll over, eat solid foods, smile, laugh, talk... It's just amazing! I remember last year at this time I was just praying to God that everything was going to be ok... That I couldn't bare the thought of anything happening again. And now I look at my miracles asleep in the swings... I really try and keep this blog a cheery place... But I feel I need to just say a few things... I belong to a message board on the Nest. A girl on there was pregnant with b/g twins after doing her first IVF cycle. Well she posted earlier this week about losing them at 23wks3d. She was just as far along as I was when I lost Brian... My heart just aches for her. I know all too well about what she is going through right now. I keep thinking about how happy I was when I was pregnant with them... How much it hurt when I lost them... How scared I was to try again... But there was some good from it too... Brian and I became closer than I ever thought we could, I made 2 very good friends, Beth and Carrie, who also had losses and have both gone on to have babies... I can't even begin to tell you how much joy and happiness Charlotte and Maggie bring to my life!! Even in those hard days after they were born, I would look at them, in disbelief, and know that they were a little piece of me and a little piece of Brian... So today when you are saying a little prayer, could you pray for my friend and her babies??

Ok enough of the sad stuff... Sorry to bring everyone down... So let me try and think of what the girls are doing now... If we lay them down the first thing they do is roll over... It's like an automatic thing... They eat fruits at lunch time. I think applesauce it their favorite... They eat veggies at night. Sweet potato is their favorites... They don't like peas!! Maggie LOVES tubby time! Charlotte not so crazy about it... They LOVE the Wiggles!! I go to bed at night singing their songs... And they have been sleeping in their big girl beds (their cribs) for about a month now!! They are growing up so fast... It's kind of scary.... We are planning our Disney trip this week!! I can't wait to take them! As I sit here and think about the last 6 months I know this one thing... I am truly blessed!!


Anonymous said...

The girls are getting so big! I love looking on this blog and seeing how big they grow and how fast. They are truly a blessing and I'm so happy that you and Brian's prayers with these two little bundles of joy. Happy 6 month birthday Maggie and Charlotte! I think of you all often and I wish you all the happiest memories forever!

Anonymous said...

Ok so that last post was lacking a few think you know what I meant though...They are truly a blessing and I'm happy that your prayers were answered and all that....Sorry hon....You know how it can be when you have a lot going on all at once.
Love again,

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loves Charlotte's picture of her sucking her thumb while she is sleeping. Oh to be that peaceful and content. You and Brian truly are blessed.

Thanks for the updates.