Friday, March 25, 2011

We are going to Disney World!!

I know this isn't really that big of a surprise huh?? Yesterday I booked the first half of our trip and next Wednesday I can book the other half. We will be staying at the Boardwalk for 7 nights and the Animal Kingdom Lodge-Kindani Village for 5 nights. We are super excited!! We love the Boardwalk. We love being able to walk to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. But this year we decided to try something new. We have wanted to stay at the AKL for some time now. This year we decided to bite the bullet and try it. We are going to do a Savannah view so the girls will be able to see animals from our room. I can't wait to see their faces!! We will be there for Halloween so we will attend Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. I know they will LOVE it! And we will be able to enjoy the Food and Wine Festival. It's hard to believe we are taking the girls on their 4th vacation to Disney!! Oh coarse they really don't understand that we have to wait 7 months until we go... They think we are going now!!


Annie said...

Amazing!! Can imagine the girls face when they see the animals from their room.

All the twelve days are you going to be just at Disney or visiting another places around Orlando.

Souza Sisters said...


We will be at Disney only. When the girls are older we will probably go to Seaworld and Universal. We love Disney so much and hate the idea of giving up time there :)