Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Busy Weekend!! Auntie Tammy's birthday & Easter!

We had a pretty busy weekend! Saturday was auntie Tammy's birthday! We won't say how old;) A whole bunch of us got together at Famous Dave's BBQ (YUM) to celebrate! There was about 25 of us there... It was a lot of fun!! And the girls did great! I was a little nervous cause it's not a very big place and they were sitting next to Grandpa... I was afraid they would try to eat off of his plate. But they mostly left him alone!! After dinner we went to Tammy's for a little visit. We got there before they did so we let the girls run around on the lawn. They were so funny!! It's been such a long winter. It felt good just to be outside letting them get their energy out! We had a nice visit with Tammy and Bella. Maggie was really funny. They have this toy car that plays music. Maggie kept pressing the button so the music would play and she danced like a mad woman. All I could think about was that scene in Flashdance. The one where she dances to the song, Maniac. You know what scene I am talking about. It was funny...

Easter was really awesome. I didn't get baskets. Although now I wish I did... But I just put their stuff out in the den. We brought them downstairs and they saw the stuff. Maggie just kept saying, "What's that"? She was really cute. And Charlotte kept laughing. They played with their new toys, took a nap and then we headed to auntie Pam's for dinner. They were so good there. Auntie Holly and uncle Robbie (and the kids) got them the new Winnie the Pooh movie, auntie Tammy and the kids got them this really cool Wiggles book and auntie Pam and grandpa got them some new books. Then we came home and they played some more and then off to bed. It was a really fun Easter.

So other news... Brian is going to get me a Wii and Wii fit tonight. I am wicked excited!! I need to lose some weight. If I keep going the way I am, I won't see them graduate from high school... I am also going to see NKOTB again. They are coming back to Boston in June. We are getting really excited about Disney. It will be here before we know it!! Oh... We were suppose to go to Pittsburgh this week to visit my friend Beth but it fell threw... So we are going next month. For Mother's Day actually. I am really excited to spend that weekend with them. She understand how hard Mother's Day is... She lost her precious twins, Abby and Morgan, a week before I lost Brian and Lillian. And her little girl Sarah is 2 weeks older then the girls. So it should be a fun time!!

So that's about it here... Excited for the warm weather to get here!! Here are some pictures from the past couple of days...


Annie said...

You had an excellent weekend, wow. Love all the pictures of the girls. They are pretty and so big.

I like the background of the blog.

BTW, the stroller we use is a side by side combi twin savvy. Is pink and grey, and is lightweight.

Sarah March said...

Hi Deb! I love the new pics! The girls are getting so darn big! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Charlotte's bangs. Both girls are so beautiful...Good for you with the Wii! I wish I had the time and energy for all that stuff. But I suppose working 6 days a week at two jobs kinda counts as exercise too maybe??? :)
It's been good here. No more roommates. Austin will be up here in about a month. Unfortunately I have to put him in daycare 3 days a week, but it's at the school and it is supposed to be a good program where they do field trips and park visits and such. We'll see I guess. I'll chat at ya later. Just thought I'd let you know I was thinkin about you guys.
Love to all,

tbonegrl said...

Love the pics! Hope you are well!!!

Annie said...

Hey Debbie, is a long time that we don't know anything about you. Hope everyone is fine.

Check my blog, I tagged you.