Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Baby Grace and new video...

I finally got up to the hospital to see Holly and baby Grace. She is so beautiful. Seeing her face just made my day. And Holly is doing really well. Now that I figured out the whole video thing and I addicted. These girls crack me up so bad. You will see one video of Maggie dancing to the Wiggles. The other one (you will hear me laughing) is just of them cruising around. I think I forgot to mention that Maggie is walking now. She's so cute. She is so proud of herself. So here are some pix of baby Grace and some video of the monkeys!! Enjoy:)




Anonymous said...

omg the videos are priceless. Maggie is walking just like I've been know to do after a night of drinking.

Glad you were able to get up to see Grace.


Harris Boys said...

hehe those videos are too cute!!

and baby Grace, what a sweet face!

Annie said...

God bless baby Grace, she is cute and adorable. I like the videos.


The Wilsons said...

Love the videos! Too cute!!!

Jennifer said...

How cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! And I LOVE the new background! Aren't you getting computer saavy!! LOL

Heather G

Sarah March said...

Hi Debbie,
The videos are darling! I love coming over to your blog to check if you have new ones posted. The girls are really fun to watch. It's so cute to hear you interact with them. Such a proud mommy! You sound so happy Deb. I'm so happy for you.
Love ya,